Saturday, December 6, 2008

Two-Wheelin' In the Philippines

After reading Orin's (Scootin' Old Skool) post about the Vespa rally in Manila, I recalled taking some two-wheeled pictures during my visit to the Philippines. In 2005 my son and I went traveled there as part of a father-son trip. I am half Filipino, and it had been about 35 years since I was last there. For my son it was his first trip. Most of these pictures are taken from the island where my Mom was born, a tiny island in the middle of the 7,000+ islands that make up the Philippines. It was an overnight steamship voyage from Manila, where we stayed in what are considered the "deluxe" accommodations, which was a large hall with bunk beds. What made it deluxe was the fact that we had bunks (the economy accommodations were on cots on the deck) and it was air conditioned, which was very nice. We were on the ship with my Mom, my Aunt, a number of cousins and we had a great trip down to my Mom's birthplace. At the harbor, there was a crowd of people, motorcycles with sidecars (called Tricycles) and Jeepneys, waiting to take people to various points on the island. This was in my pre-scooter life, but I was fascinated with the ability of these small motorcycles to carry passengers and cargo over some pretty rough roads.

The Philippines is a wonderful place - there's alot of natural beauty, but I would say the most beautiful part of the Philippines is its people. It doesn't matter if you are related or not, you are considered family when you travel to the islands. My son was the first of my Mom's grandkids to visit her island, so he was treated like a prince, which he had no problem suffering through!

Here's a non-motorized tricycle, taken one morning after we arrived in Manila:


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