Sunday, April 19, 2009

Craigslist Rants, Part II

I posted a few weeks ago the trials I suffered in attempting to sell my Ipod on craigslist, and this has led me to further reflection on those that use this marketplace. I really like craigslist - it's proof that a very grassroots form of getting buyers and sellers together, without charging fees, can work quite well. But I can't believe some of the things that are said by people in trying to market their stuff, particularly motorcycles - a few examples that I have gathered, for your reading enjoyment:

1) The "previous owner" did it - When someone posts in their ad that their bike has scratches on it, or it was laid down, it was invariably done by "the previous owner." Who are these "previous owners"? They are obviously a very careless and clumsy bunch, as they seem to be responsible for all the damage that has ever been done to motorcycles!

2) "No title, no problem" - I've seen a lot of bikes for sale with "no title" with the seller stating that it should be easy to get it titled. If it was so easy, why don't you do it and save the potential buyer from the obvious hassle and potential issue of not being able to title it at all!

3) "It's in mint condition, except for..." - The ad starts out by stating that the bike is in like new condition, but as you read further on, there is a whole list of "except for's" like the bike went down in a low speed fall, the plastic fairing is cracked, etc., (all done by the
"previous owner" of course!).

4) "It started 10 years ago" - I see this on the ads for a lot of vintage bikes - the ad will usually state "the bike doesn't start now, but it did the last time I tried." I love history as much as the other guy, but I am more concerned with the present when it comes to motorcycles!

5) "It just requires a simple adjustment" - The ad goes something like this - "I tried to start it but it won't turn over - probably just needs a carb cleaning..." OK, if it does, why don't you do that before you put it up for sale???

So, if you see an ad from me on CL for a "like new bike that started 10 years ago without a title that was slightly damaged by the previous owner" please feel free to e-mail me as follows:

"Hello ,Thanks for your mail back concerning the inquiry mail i sent to you.
The price,condition also the pics i viewed is okay by me .And my client
confirm there is no problem about the price($975 ) ,my client do pays with a
{USA}cashier check,he has agreed to mail out as bank cashiers check of
$3500. to you on my behalf to cover the shippment fees.About the shippment,
that we be taken care by my me & my personal assistant,my personal
assistant will be using his shipper to do the quick processing of the
shipping of the motorcycle to my client."

Fall City, Washington

We're starting to get some periods of nicer weather - a couple of weekends ago as well as this weekend I took the new motorcycle out. Even at 250cc, I am able to take some of the higher speed roads, so that extends my range quite a bit.

Within the Snoqualmie Valley, and west of North Bend and Snoqualmie is a town called Fall City. Here's a little history of the town - in 1869, homesteaders staked claims along the Snoqualmie River near the present location of the town. Supplies came up the river in large dugout canoes and the area was often referred to as "The Landing" because of shallow water farther upstream. In 1872, the Fall City Post Office was authorized by the territorial governor. How the name "Fall City " was selected is somewhat a mystery, although my guess is that it is because of the Snoqualmie Falls which causes significant flooding in the area. The river passes right through town

The town is quite popular with motorcyclists; there's a "saloon" which attracts a number of bikes during the weekend. There were a lot of big Harley's there, giving it a tough image, but then I saw someone proudly roll up in their vintage Honda Trail 90 and park the bike along side the big cruisers.
For me, however, coffee is my poison, so I stopped by a little drive through espresso stand in town.

Across the street from the espresso stand is the elementary school. Little League ball was the order of the day in the school ballfield.
Take care.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Honda Elite is Back!

She's been at the mechanic's shop for almost a month with a choke problem. It had gotten to the point where she would simply not start. So, after a long period of troubleshooting, cleaning the carbs, working on the choke, installing a trickle charger receptacle, I got the call that she was ready. Because my mechanic needed shop space for an emergency repair of another customer's bike, I picked her up late Thursday night. In order to get to his place in Renton, I either have to take the long route through Issaquah, or come over Tiger Mountain pass. So, I hooked up my little Harbor Freight trailer (by the way, these are great little trailers and will carry most of my stuff, like the bikes, riding mower, stuff for the dump, etc.) and decided to go over Tiger Mountain. Guess what...snowing there, about 2 inches.

I picked her up, and decided to go over Tiger Mountain for the return. Guess what...more snow, and I had to stop at the summit to make sure everything was tied down. It was a mess. Eventually, we made it safe home.

I took her for a ride this afternoon - even though I have a motorcycle now, it is so much fun to ride the Elite. She accelerates nicely, has a lot of power for her 23 years, and she just impresses me with her ability to take me around!