Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fall City, Washington

We're starting to get some periods of nicer weather - a couple of weekends ago as well as this weekend I took the new motorcycle out. Even at 250cc, I am able to take some of the higher speed roads, so that extends my range quite a bit.

Within the Snoqualmie Valley, and west of North Bend and Snoqualmie is a town called Fall City. Here's a little history of the town - in 1869, homesteaders staked claims along the Snoqualmie River near the present location of the town. Supplies came up the river in large dugout canoes and the area was often referred to as "The Landing" because of shallow water farther upstream. In 1872, the Fall City Post Office was authorized by the territorial governor. How the name "Fall City " was selected is somewhat a mystery, although my guess is that it is because of the Snoqualmie Falls which causes significant flooding in the area. The river passes right through town

The town is quite popular with motorcyclists; there's a "saloon" which attracts a number of bikes during the weekend. There were a lot of big Harley's there, giving it a tough image, but then I saw someone proudly roll up in their vintage Honda Trail 90 and park the bike along side the big cruisers.
For me, however, coffee is my poison, so I stopped by a little drive through espresso stand in town.

Across the street from the espresso stand is the elementary school. Little League ball was the order of the day in the school ballfield.
Take care.


Baron's Life said...

Hey Lance,
Good post will graduate to bigger an better things in time my friend.
Ride not take it for granted

Lance said...

Thanks Baron - good advice!

Unknown said...

Nice to see you expanding your horizons. It's also great to be able to travel on the same roads as you would in your car, if you need to, but you also have the option to go slow too

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Lance said...

Bob - that's so true. In the car I just get to my destination, while on the bike I can really enjoy the ride to that destination!

Unknown said...

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