Sunday, June 15, 2008

Still Not A Scooterist Part 2

On May 4 I passed my Motorcycle Safety Training Course, and on May 6 I go to the DOL to get my new licence to show my motorcycle endorsement. Now I can ride legally! I pull the Elite from the garage, and with my new-found knowledge of the starting sequence for a scooter (key on, engine switch to run, brake and ignition) I attempt to start her. Engine cranks, but does not turn over. I try it again - same result. A third time - same result. I pause for a minute. I try it a few more times - now the battery is down to nothing. Maybe the battery is the cause, so I recharge the battery overnight. The next day, more of the same - the Elite doesn't turnover, and the battery is dead again! I get a new battery - it doesn't help. I change the spark plug - it doesn't help. I empty the gas tank (I left the gas in since winter, which should have been a clue) and put in new gas - it doesn't help. So, I rent a trailer, and take the Elite down to my local mechanic. He fixes mainly cars, but I have seen motorcycles, even riding mowers in his shop, so he is an all around mechanic. In a couple of days I get a call from him telling me everything is fixed (it was a dirty carb from my leaving the gas in over the winter), and he even drives it home for me - a great guy! I start her up, and begin my riding experience.