Sunday, November 23, 2008

'Tis The Season...Already???

I've been getting into the habit of taking an afternoon nap on Saturday and Sunday, which is highly recommended! I got up at 4pm and decided to go into town, return some library items, pick up some groceries, before it got dark.

It's been very windy - with our proximity to Snoqualmie Pass, the Pass creates a funnel and forces the winds from east to west. Oftentimes, it's a warm wind, but with the approaching snow in the mountains, it's pretty cold. Plus it's very blustery, so I was getting beaten up a bit on the Elite, but we held our own.

The stores in town already have their Christmas items stocked, the tree lots in grocery stores already have trees, and some people are already buying them! There are at least two houses in town that already have lights up. While I love the holiday season, it seems like we are in more and more of a rush to start the materialistic part of the holidays; I heard Costco started selling holiday items in August!

North Bend is Christmas Tree Town Washington State, so the tree farms have begun their advertising.

The King, Keith and Scott are all ready for what is hopefully a busy season of selling Christmas trees.

But the cat is like me...not quite into the holiday spirit yet.

Wth next week being Thanksgiving, my best wishes to you all!


Unknown said...

Stores up here have been playing Christmas music since the week after Halloween. It's hard to believe that November is nearly over. Starting Dec 1st stores remain open every night to 9pm until December 24th. As you say, too commercial, as if Christmas music will make you purchase more

Lance said...

Bobskoot - It will be interesting to see what shopping will occur on the day after Thanksgiving - will it be the usual craziness, or will people even care?

Heinz N Frenchie said...

Hi Lance, well said. Seems like the stores want to forget about Thanksgiving and go right to Christmas. This year we think that the Holiday $$Cheer$$ will be somewhat lacking. Perhaps more people will realize the real meaning of Christmas has nothing to do with shopping and spending money.