Friday, July 3, 2009

Pictures from London

While we were in London, for some reason I couldn't post pictures, so I am catching up. London (and the surrounding area) is beautiful - the views are amazing, and I was in awe of the architecture (both old and new) and the scenery of this great city.

A view of the London Eye, which was built for the Millennium celebration:

A picture taken from the London Eye - it's an approximately 30 minute round trip on the Eye, enabling one to get some fantastic looks of the city. This is the House of Parliament:

There are beautiful gardens in the area, this one from Hampton Court:

After visiting Hampton Court, my daughter and I went back to London via a river cruise. It's a little over 3 hours, compared to a train ride of about 40 minutes, but well worth the extra time. With the temperatures in the mid to high 80's during our London visit, the cruise was very refreshing. The boat we were on was very nice, with seats inside and outside, and a bar for snacks and drinks. I took this picture of one of the many beautiful homes on the Thames:

I was very impressed with the public facilities in London - the main train stations are quite nice, with lots of shops, restaurants and other necessary facilities. Maybe they are nice because
you have to pay to use them, as shown by this sign from the men's restroom at the Waterloo Train Station:


Canajun said...

Nice pictures. Sounds like you lucked in with the weather - blue skies and 80 degrees is pretty unusual for London at any time.

Danny said...

I hope to make the same trip some day. Have fun and keep the nice photos coming.

Lance said...

Thanks Canjun - we had a great stretch of weather there. That, plus the success of Andy Murray (at least until today), made it difficult if not impossible to get tickets to see Wimbledon. But, we had so much to see anyway.

Danny - thanks, and will do. I even have some pictures of bikes!

Unknown said...

looks like you are having a good time enjoying the the sights and the pleasant weather is just a bonus. I thought it was always foggy over there. From the few pictures I have seen on the Teli, they have unusual markings on the roads, squiggly lines etc. There is much more of a 2 wheeled culture over there, more acceptance of scooters and motorcycles as most people had ridden before they upgraded to cars. I would imagine that petrol is about £1 / ltr

That millenium wheel looks great. If it is only going 2 revolutions/hour then it gives you time to snap a few pictures. Did you manage to wave at the Queen ? or get invited to the Palace for tea and crumpets ? or get one of those Beefeaters to smile ?

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Baron's Life said...

I hope to make that trip some day too.... but you know at 30 pence per visit to the loo it can get to be't one sorta lift his leg against a tree instead...?
Great post Lnace...thanks for sharing these memories.

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