Monday, June 8, 2009

Exotic Car Drive By

I'm at a regular stop on my ride in the valley, enjoying a cup of coffee, when we're startled by several police cars speeding up the road, sirens blaring and motioning for the traffic on the opposite side of the street to make way. Are they going to an accident investigation? Is there a foreign delegation coming through Fall City?

No to either - what they are doing is clearing the way for a line of exotic cars. They're rolling through town at about the same clip as the police officers. At the coffee shop, we suspect they are going to a car show, exactly where we do not know.

There is a collection of Lotuses, Ferrari's, Porsche's, Corvettes, Audi's, and the odd Hummer thrown into the mix. I am not a photographer, and had difficulty getting the cars into my lens. But it was a great sight!

They should have let me know about this - I would have brought my car - a Bugatti Veyron (I wish).


cpa3485 said...

Now really, What do you need a Bugatti for? Yopur present ride is just as much fun and way more practical. And IMHO, Hummers don't belong in that mix of fine cars.

Danny said...

The Bugatti is on my wish list too. As well as probably most of the vehicles that drove by you.

Baron's Life said...

What a great collection of muscle cars. Thanks for sharing this with us Lance

Lance said...

Jim - we thought the same thing about the Hummer; it did seem out of place.

Danny - I've got a wish list too, and it includes some American muscle as well.

Baron - You're welcome, my friend!

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