Monday, March 23, 2009

Ipod for sale on Craigslist - Excellent Condition!

I decided to put a few items for sale on Craigslist, which included my ipod. It's an 80gb video ipod, immediately placed in a case when I got it, so it's like new. I wasn't using it anyway (I prefer my 1gb Muvo player, which isn't as fancy, but gets the job done) so I thought it would be good to get this to someone else who could really use this.

I got MANY interested buyers - it was like I threw some chum into shark-infested waters the e-mails came in so quickly. But despite the overwhelming response, it hasn't sold - here's a sampling of some of the interesting responses I received, but had to regretfully decline:

1. The "or best offer" response - I am interested in offers, but no, I won't sell you my $200 ipod for $20.

2. The "trade" response - No, I am not willing to trade you my ipod for your ipod - I'm trying to get rid of mine, so why would I need another one???

3. The "$100 to ship it" response - This is also known as the "son of a West African Minister who was forced out of the country by political opponents but before fleeing the country had stowed away $10 million in a foreign bank" response. I got two of these, and they both wanted to buy my ipod for a relative/friend who was out of the country (like you can't get an ipod outside the US????), and were willing to add $100 to the purchase price if I would accept a "Fedex wire transfer" (I didn't know these existed, and as a matter of fact, neither does Fedex) to ship the item.

4. The "sure, I'll buy this" response - I had one person commit to buy, and we were to meet at an agreed location at an agreed time. I was there, at the right time, but no buyer.

So, if anyone wants to buy an ipod for a good price, particularly if you want to trade me your 2009 Honda DN-01 for it (see below - I'm willing to trade straight across), let me know!


Baron's Life said...

Hi Lance...totally enjoyable post... I'm still rolling on the floor laughing and trying to finish chewing on my toast so I can get my ass to work... OK I'll buy it for $ 20 + another $100 bonus, if you are willing to ship it to my cousins in that was so good...Keep them coming and no you're not getting that Honda from me...!

Lance said...

Baron, thanks for your kind words.

Can I throw in a set of "ShamWow" towels - would that seal the deal for you???

Baron's Life said...

Only if you meet me in the parking late at
take care buddy and keep on trucking...oops meant riding...your new motorcycle...not the girlfriend they tell me have next

Lance said...

Thanks Baron - I wish someone would tell me!

Orin said...

I sold a similar iPod a while back, and what I found slightly amusing was a tendency for people to say something like, "I'll come get it from you next Tuesday." I had to point out to these people that the first person to cross my palm with the asking price will be the one who gets it. Oh, and in spite of what you were told throughout elementary school, you AREN'T the most special person in the world.

No Nigerian money-order scams, however. And the guy who did buy it was rather jazzed that there were tracks from Miles Davis and John Coltrane on it.

Uh, no pun intended...

Lance said...

Orin, thanks. Yes, it's first come, first served on CL, although many feel buyers feel otherwise, and are somehow hurt when the item sells before it is convenient for them to pick it up. It's great yours was sold to someone who appreciated your music - that was a bonus for them!

Unknown said...

I'm not very good at selling things. My ads must go un-noticed, hardly ever get any calls. From what I understand there are a lot of buyers in Nigeria and from what I read on the net they often pay more than the asking price.

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Baron's Life said...

hey Lance...did you sell it afterall ? the suspense is there.
BTW, thanks for the nod ma man.

Anonymous said...

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