Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nature Calls

As I got more comfortable riding, I started to do some local touring. The Snoqualmie Valley area of western Washington, while undergoing a lot of development, still has a lot of open spaces, with some fantastic views of the foothills of the Cascades. Also, there is quite an abundance of wildlife. We live on 2.5 acres, and regularly have a number of visitors, including elk, deer, bobcat, and (I have heard from others) a bear. These pictures were taken last summer from my front step - these two elk had our property on their daily agenda for about 2 weeks, stopping by around noon to graze on our front lawn.

While on one of my recent rides, I took the pictures below - I have gone by this area many times by car, and have enjoyed the beauty, but on the scooter this area really stands out. This area is within 5 minutes from my place. The images in the last picture are small, but this small family of deer were grazing on the hillside near the road - as I got closer they started to move farther away from me so I couldn't get a good picture of them.

One ride, 45 minutes, and a wealth of adventures!


John McClane said...

That's a different-looking scooter! Has it got metal or plastic panels?

Lance said...

Thanks John - it's a 1986 Honda Elite 150 - called the "Spacey" in Europe, with good reason. It is a bit different looking, but I like the space-age look of it. It's got plastic body parts.

Doug C said...

Many, many years ago I joined my family in the middle of a 3 week vacation in Canada. I will never forget feeding the fearless elk in Banf National Park.

I fed them breakfast cerial out of my hand. How crazy is that!

Great photos lance.

Ride Safe. Doug C

Lance said...

Thanks Doug! I agree, the elk are pretty amazing animals. My wife, however, doesn't think too kindly of them eating her plants!