Sunday, August 3, 2008

Is 50 The New 40, and Does It Matter?

Today I turned 50. Since I tend to get up pretty early, even on the weekend, I took the Elite out for a birthday ride; went to my usual coffee place, and enjoyed the coolness of the morning. I thought about what I had accomplished this year, one being my (finally) getting my motorcycle endorsement and getting to enjoy life on two wheels. I waited a long time to get to this point - I really wasn't interested in scooters or motorcycles when I was younger, even though my Dad was an avid rider. But last year I was bitten by the two-wheeled bug, and I am glad I got my endorsement by the time I turned 50.

When I turned 40, it really didn't impact me emotionally, and I can say that turning 50 is not that much different, although I do sense more significance to this date in my life. On Friday, my office mates treated me with excellent baked goodies, and great cards and gifts, including a blow up walker with "old fart" warnings throughout. Today it was spent with me riding the Elite, and enjoying a great lunch at a Filipino restaurant in Seattle with my wife, our kids, my Mom, one of my brothers and my Aunt who is visiting from the Philippines. A good day!

I often joked to myself that upon turning 50 I would get a Corvette, wear a thick gold chain around my neck with my shirt opened up for all to see it, and pretend to be 30. Instead, I ride a scooter and am enjoying my 50th!


Kano said...

Happy Birthday Lance and here's to 50 years of scootering ahead of you! For me turning 40 bummed me out and by the time I reached 50 I was pretty much over it. Aging is more graceful on 2 wheels!

Joe said...

I turned 50 in March and I'm having the time of my life - on my scooter, of course. Now that you're out there on two wheels legally here's hoping that you'll post your riding adventures here regularly. Your style is a lot like my own so naturally I like it!

- Joe @ Scootin' da Valley

Doug C said...

Happy B'Day, Lance. And Kano's right. 2 Wheeled Grace... Sounds like a blog title!