Monday, May 18, 2009

Carnation, Washington - A Tale of One City, Two Names

About 15 miles northwest of North Bend is the town of Carnation. The town was officially incorporated on December 31, 1912, and given the name Tolt. The name was changed to Carnation in 1917, back to Tolt in 1928, and finally back to Carnation again on October 29, 1951. For those of you familiar with dairies, the name Carnation was chosen to honor the Carnation Milk Products Company. But is the town Carnation or Tolt? The dispute over which name is the "real" name for the town continues, with some signs reading "Tolt" and others, "Carnation." The elementary school is named Carnation Elementary School, while the middle school takes the name Tolt Middle School.

But it was the Carnation Dairy that put the town on the map. The valley became world-famous as the "Home for Contented Cows." One cow, nicknamed "Possum Sweetheart," produced more than 37,000 pounds of milk in one year - a world record.

My ride takes me to this quiet town, and I stop to take a few pictures of the local businesses, some doing better than others:

A beautiful stone church stands at the end of town, as if to end the naming controversy - it's called Tolt Congregational Church.


Baron's Life said...

HI lance, excellent what's the conclusion Carnation ? Tolt? I for one prefer Carnation. Excellent shots with a good sense of humor on business.
Thanks for sharing

cpa3485 said...

Enjoyed your post and have enjoyed your blog for some time.

Off topic for a bit; just want to announce that I have started a blog of my own.

It is a start for something I have been thinking about for some time. Would appreciate it If you would visit me there and make comments and suggestions on what you might think. Many of you have inspired me and I would appreciate your advice. Thanks in advance!

Lance said...

Thanks Baron - Carnation for me too! Appreciate the kind words my friend!

Jim - Thanks for stopping by! I checked out your blog - love the name! I'm a fan of the Sym scooters, and I'm adding you to my bloglist.

Unknown said...

Only a local would know these things. Will have to make a stop here on our next trip to your area.

Are you riding your Elite ? or are you riding your bike more ? It appears you have kept it just outside of your viewfinder's reach, and we are squinting to see it

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Lance said...

Thanks Bob - I had a nice ride with the Elite last evening. Recently, I considered selling it, but these scooters are hard to come by so I may not have a chance of picking up one again, so I am keeping her.

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