Sunday, May 31, 2009

An award received...and shared

I was the recipient of a fun award from Baron (Baron's Life) and Danny (A Blog About...)! Well, how do I begin...I'd like to thank my agent... wait...I don't have one...seriously, thanks for the nod guys, and thank you to everyone that stops by to read my blog - I've met a lot of great people in the blogosphere.

Now to share this award, as there are many great blogs out there that I have had the opportunity to read - some serious, some funny, all very good. Here's my list of 8 blogs that get this award, in no particular order:

1) Premeditated Scootin' - a great new scooter blog.

2) Bobskoot: Wet Coast Scootin' - Bob covers BC and Washington State on his motoring adventures, and is an amazing photographer and writer. He's got some cool camera gear, and an even cooler sense of what makes a great picture and blogpost. He was one of the first to befriend me in blogspace.

3) Two Wheels and an Engine - Earl blogs about motorcycling in the Palouse area of Eastern Washington State. Another blogger that encouraged me when I first started. I get, to quote the Eagles, "a peaceful, easy feeling" when I read his posts - a great writer and photographer.

4) A Scooter In Turkey - John posts some amazing stuff from his scootering in Turkey, from home life to beautiful antiquities. John was one of the first blogs I started reading when I got my scooter, and it is worth checking out his blog.

5) Heinz n' Frenchie in SoFla - Ahhh...South Florida by doesn't get any better than this, unless it's South Florida by two Vespas, with lots of great pictures and history of the area.

6) Scootin' da Valley - Joe introduced me to the free wifi and great coffee at Panera's. A great storyteller with an even greater beard!

7) Cruising Ohio - Doug has had some amazing trips in his part of the country. I've enjoyed great scenery and was tempted with great food (like fried bologna sandwiches) via his blog.

8) Scootin' Old Skool - Orin is well known in scooter land for his great insights into scooters and scooter life. He was also nice enough to write about my Honda Elite on his blog.

Well, there's eight of many great blogs out there. For the award winners above, you get to share your award via your nominations - if you can find eight, great, even if it's less that's great too. Just spread the recognition and encouragement around!


cpa3485 said...

Thanks for putting me on the list, although I am sure I have done little to deserve it. I am brand new to this, only 5 posts up to date. It is amazing the friends you can make while blogging.

Unknown said...


Thank you for your recognition and I appreciate associating with all of my blog friends it is my wish that one day, our paths will cross. Next week I will be away on another week long adventure. Some roads familiar, and others new and uncharted. Direction of travel presently in the planning stages, but will either head south into the Palouse and then circle to the Oregon Coast, OR head north/east towards the Rockies into Alberta to see the Dinosaurs . . .

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Oregon is winning, so I am trying to work around Snoqualmie Falls/North Bend on the way or back
( )

Baron's Life said...

Congrats to all

Lance said...

Jim - you're welcome, and you're off to a great start!

Bob - my pleasure, and let me know when/if you get out to the Snoqualmie Valley area - I'd love to meet up!

Baron - thanks for being the ambassador of blog awards!

Orin said...

Lance, thanks so much for your kind words. Oddly enough, I get at least a couple visits a day from people searching on "Honda Elite 150"...

Scootin' Old Skool

Lance said...

Orin, you're welcome! Here's to some amazing scootering weather we're having in Seattle!

Doug C said...

You mentioned me??!! Thanks for the kind words, Lance. This area really is amazing, but I bet just about any spot has it's worthy contendors... we just gotta slow down a bit and take notice.

One of these days we'll venture further west than South Dakota and taste some of Seatle's finest offering!

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