Saturday, October 25, 2008


Being a new rider, this is my first fall on the scooter. I really enjoyed the warmth of summer, and while my riding time has been cut somewhat due to the weather, there are still ample opportunities to ride here. Riding in the fall is great - the coolness of the air makes me thankful that I have a leather jacket, and reminds me that I need to get a better pair of riding pants.
The colors are very nice around here - I was born on the east coast, and have some remembrance of the vibrancy of fall there, and while the evergreens here in Washington state do not offer the intense contrast of fall, there is still much that turns to show that autumn has arrived.

We lose daylight by the day, so my coffee stop gains added importance with the chill of the afternoon.


Heinz N Frenchie said...

What beautiful photos. You are lucky to experience the Fall colors. We always miss that time of year here and appreciate our fellow bloggers who give us such great images to get us thru the short Autumn season.

irondad said...

When the leaves swirl as you pass, things are fine. When they are wet and stick to the road, choose wisely, Grasshopper!

Unknown said...

Great photos! Enjoy your first fall on the scooter

Joe said...

Hmmmm. With that cardboard insulator over the cup I can't tell who's getting your coffee dollar. That wouldn't be Starbuck's (turpentine), would it?