Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Scooter Break

One of the great things about my job is that I get to do some traveling. I have the good fortune to travel to New York City four or five times a year, usually spending one to two weeks there. So here I am in Manhattan this week, which means no scootering, but New York is such a great place that I don't mind being off the saddle for a little bit.
I got in Saturday night, so I am playing tourist this morning. First off, a cup of coffee - not some venti-orange-frappa-macchiato-shot of caramel-no room-165 degree concoction here - just a good cup' a joe.

Then it was off to wander the city. The architecture here is so varied and pretty beautiful in my opinion.

This building, on 40th and Lexington, had an amazing frieze just above the doorways of the various establishments. Work is being done to restore this building:

When lunchtime came around, I went to one of my favorite Filipino restaurants - I'm half Filipino, and I am always looking for something close to my Mom's cooking - this restaurant does a pretty good job:

One of the really cool things about New York is its diversity - so many nations and ethnic groups call New York home, and if you live here, you can have a parade to celebrate it - this one is a Mexican celebration:

While New York is such a busy, hard-working place, they take the time to celebrate, which I think is really great. This parade went right in front of my hotel, offering me an excellent view.
As I said, New York is a pretty diverse place!


Kano said...

You're a lucky man indeed to have a job where you can travel to interesting places! I've only been to NYC once and that was just the bus terminal for a transfer to Boston. I had a couple of hours to wait so I walked around a little. Not much though, I was wearing a uniform and in those days that was in invitation for unwanted attention and harassment. Keeping a low profile, especially in big cities was the name of the game! I'm really glad things are different now.

Chris said...

Great pics, Lance. I am fortunate to travel for work semi-regularly as well. I haven't been to NYC yet, however. I am a quarter Filipino (Ilocano), btw. Something else in common, eh?

irondad said...

While you're there, you should look for some of that salsa they go on about on the tv ad. Remember those? I think the ad's for Pace. They want to string up the one who has salsa from NY!

Heinz N Frenchie said...

New York is a great place to visit and eat! The entertainment is the best and one can find every kind of food that one desires. We get there occasionally and always enjoy a feast of the eyes as well as the stomach. Thanks for reminding us, now we have to book a trip.