Monday, January 18, 2010

Accessorize, Accessorize, then off to Hobart and Mrs. Freshley's

Martin Luther King Day brought some surprisingly beautiful weather to North Bend. Despite the forecast of rain, the sun was peaking through the clouds, so I got on the Triumph. But first, it was time to accessorize my bike. I bought from another member of the Bonneville America forum ( a fender bib in a chromed flame design, since I recently converted the Triumph to a solo ride. From E-bay I got this nice leather tool bag that is Triumph-embossed.

I really like these - the bib gives a nice look to the rear fender, and the tool bag can hold my wallet, cell-phone, camera, and yes, some tools.

With the installation of these items complete, I decided to ride to Hobart this morning. Hobart is a rural community about 20 miles from North Bend. It's quite a small town, with a population of around 6,700. The residents are spread out on 18 square miles.

To get there, I travel south on Highway 18, over Tiger Mountain (elevation 1,375 feet at the pass), and then east on the Issaquah-Hobart Road. The Issaquah-Hobart Road is perfect for cruising, with speed limits varying between 40-50 mph, and some nice, lazy curves.
I stop by the local ballfield to take a couple of pictures:

The main store in the area is the Hobart Market, which is a small place with a gas station, video rentals, and basic food provisions. The Market also houses the town Post Office, which was established in 1903. Being the only market around, it served as a meeting place for many of the residents. Everyone seemed to know each other, as they were called by name by the lady clerk of the store; me, I was just called "honey." One of the shoppers stopped to talk with me about my Triumph, recalling the times when he and his Dad owned Triumph and Jaguar automobiles.

I didn't have to use the restroom while there, but if I needed to I know where to find it!

I got some coffee and snacks, saving these sprinkled cupcakes for my wife - I had never seen this brand before - we will have to see if Mrs. Freshley is the baker her name promises!


Mike said...

Lance - the fender bib with the flames looks very cool. Reminds me of something American Chopper would do. The tool kit looks like it'll be handy. Better to keep the camera there than in a pocket. Mrs. Freshley's stuff can go in there too. :)

Glad you got a good ride today. We had good weather in Portland too.
Take care!

Canajun said...

Lance - nice mods. It doesn't take much to completely change the character of a bike.

Chuck Pefley said...

Very nice, Lance. I rode today, too, but only to the market and back.

I'm curious ... the tool bag looks great, but why on the weather-side rather than protected behind the fairing?

Lance said...

Thanks Mike - they have some other less flashy design which are nice too, but I ended up liking the flames (plus the person from the forum that was selling his was selling it at near 50% of the "new" price).

Canajun - thanks. I remember reading one of your posts from last year (I think it was the one where you got floorboards) and it was cool to see how you were able to customize your Harley.

Chuck - I know what you are saying. With the Triumph, there is not much room on the bars since the speedo is on the bars. I am thinking about trying to install it somewhere on the inside of the windshield. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lance,

Nice mods you've made to your bike, they look good quality too...are you going to change the pegs for boards??



Lance said...

Thanks Dave - I'm going to leave the pegs on for now. On another bike I had, I didn't like the position of my feet with them because of my short legs.

irondad said...

Just like eating one potato chip, eh? You know you started something. Now we'll be watching and waiting for the next "chip"!

Lance said...

Thanks Irondad - next up are saddlebags, which I got as an incentive from Triumph to buy one of their bikes - I picked up some Easy Brackets for these so I can convert from badboy to bagger as the feeling hits. I also purchased a power outlet from RoadCaptain USA - I think you were mentioned as a customer. I think after that it will be a light bar upfront, but that will have to wait until I have the cash.

Anonymous said...

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Lance said...

Hello anonymous - thanks for dropping by and I am glad you are making up to 2G a day, but unfortunately that's not enough for me.

SonjaM said...

Lance, nice job on the fender. Until now I was totally happy with my decision to make a Beemer G650GS Enduro my next bike, and now I am catching myself drooling all over the Triumph brochure, again. Thanks for giving me all the wrong ideas. ;-)

Baron's Life said...

Sorry I'm late but a summer riding accident had actually put me out of commission longer than I would have liked.
I wish you and your family a Happy New Year
All the best for 2010

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Lance:

The fender bib brings an added measure of pizzazz to your Triumph, in much the same way a flourish enhances a signature on an important document. Your solo seat is very impressive, and comfortable looking. Did you have it made custom, was it aftermarket, or did it come with the bike?

The solo seat arrangfement also implies a degree of singlemindedness that is fully in keeping with the cool cruiser image.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

Lance said...

Sonja, anything to help out a friend (LOL) - have fun on deciding on your next bike!

Baron - So good to read your comment, and I am sorry the accident has kept you away. Take care!

Jack - Thanks for your perspective. It's an aftermarket product available in several different styles. Since there is a bolt exposed when I removed the fender it's a pretty nice way to dress that area up.

Baron's Life said...

Lance (Honey as they call you in Hobart).
The mods look real good and the bike looks totally different...kinda cool.
I wouldn't keep my wallet in the tool kit bag: It could fly off if it accidentally opened while riding on the highway or if you forgot to lock...not to mention you don't want your wallet stolen.
I've made up my mind (I think) on the Triumph

Lance said...

Thanks Baron - good point on the wallet. Will it be the Rocket III? I seem to recall you posting on that bike.

Baron's Life said...

Thanks Lance...Yes you are correct I did do a posting on the Rocket III but no it's not the one due to price and also to my physical abilities which have been somewhat diminished.
Guess what? it's going to be the Bonneville...I believe it's the best choice for me...Price/handling and so on...

Lance said...

Baron, you are making a great choice! I like the Rocket III too, but I'm not sure I could muscle that machine around.

Maria Cervantes said...

Thanks Irondad - next up are saddlebags, which I got as an incentive from Triumph to buy one of their bikes - I picked up some Easy Brackets for these so I can convert from badboy to bagger as the feeling hits. I also purchased a power outlet from RoadCaptain USA - I think you were mentioned as a customer. I think after that it will be a light bar upfront, but that will have to wait until I have the cash.

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