Saturday, August 1, 2009


I went into the dentist on Friday to get a tooth pulled. So for Friday and today I was told to keep to soft foods, which luckily included milkshakes. With today being another warm day, I took the Elite out for a ride into town, and pulled into the local shake shack, Scott's Dairy Freeze.

The Dairy Freeze is well-known among the locals and out of towners. They have great burgers and do a wide variety of ice cream desserts. What's also very cool about this place is that it's owned by the Mayor of North Bend (his name is not Scott - that was the original owner), so you will often see him flipping burgers. He's a great guy and does a fine job of running the town.

After my chocolate-banana shake, I set off for a ride around the valley, and came upon this small herd of elk grazing. Sorry, I just have a point and shoot so I couldn't zoom in, but if you click on the picture you'll get a larger image.

A nice picture of Mt. Si, in the early evening:


Baron's Life said...

That Elite still looks good man...the milk shake must be good at the mayor's shop..will have to come down and try...have to pull out the remaining bottom teeth and get a denture plate I'll be on the same regimen soon...meantime stocking up on spam in my tummy...and no bobskoot it ain't a phony lottery good old spam for breakfast, lunch and supper...cheers all

Joe said...

What I wouldn't give for a mayor of whom it could be said that he's a great guy and that he does a great job of running the town. Ours raised every tax he could get his hands on last year when the annual budget was running on fumes. He hides in his office from the public and his arrogance is second to nobody's.

Dave said...

Hi Lance,

More Mayors should come down from their ivory towers, soft food diet sounds good to me lol..



montieandme said...

Hi Lance.. Hope your mouth is feeling better, i'd rather give birth than go to the dentist...guess thats why I have 6 kids and my teeth are falling out!!

Unknown said...


Recently I also had to have dental surgery, 3 visits and they didn't tell me to have soft foods but I had no choice. I don't think I could have eaten anything harder.

With the warm weather we are having a Dairy Freeze would be good right now.

I get the impression that Joe doesn't like his mayor

And Linda is too young to have had 6 children

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Danny said...

Hope it didn't hurt to much having that tooth pulled. AT least you treated yourself after a little dental torture.

irondad said...

Interestingly, I took a ride on Monday that included photographing elk.

Who needs an excuse to have ice cream? It's 10 AM right now. Not too early for a hot fudge sundae, is it?

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